Translations done by native professional Spanish speakers

Millions of words has been translated into Spanish and long-term business relationships have been built with customers.

We have become an integral piece of their expansion to the Hispanic market.



Connect customers with Spanish speakers to:

  • Build confidence in your potential Hispanic customers.

  • Raise your market.

  • Increase your sales.

  • Facilitate communication.



Our goal is to maintain good quality translations from English to Spanish. We guarantee customers having professional translations since Minnesota Spanish Translations' translators are proficient in Spanish language. Our translations are accurate with good grammar, syntax, spelling, and adequate vocabulary for your customers to understand.

Contact Us to request an estimate, the timeframe, and the format.
We are able to complete your translation into Spanish in a Word document or InDesign format.
Payment terms are based on individual agreements.  




"I received the translated documents and they look very nice. So nice, in fact, that I won't convert back to original fonts. That should make things simple for proofing.
Your professionalism and follow-up have been wonderful, and you've been a pleasure to work with. My goal is to continue to develop this product and make it an important tool to help with Parent Involvement and student achievement! Thank you for your help.


Claudine Reece
Family Math Display Co."

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